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Coreteks main goal is to provide artificial intelligent agents, tools and applications that will help you think better, remember more information and plan complex tasks.

Automated Research

If you are a professional researcher or you are interested to learn more about a given field by reading papers, Automated Research will help you rapidly get acquainted with the most known papers and authors.

Through a very minimal amount of effort, you will be able to discover which papers influenced specific papers, which authors are influenced by other others, what are the important keywords of the field, etc.

In the long term, we hope that Automated Research will be able to automate the production of original papers. It will collect references, analyze the set of papers it found and will finally synthesize new content. You give it a few directives and it will produce papers about the topics that interest you the most.

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Automated Test Generator (for PHP)

Quality assurance has always been a very time consuming task. With the popularity of test-driven development, this problem has been attacked straight on, but a lot of legacy code still remains.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could simply take your legacy code (without unit tests) and run it through some software that would generate a set of unit tests that would cover it? Well, that is the purpose of Automated Test Generator.

In the long term, Automated Test Generator will analyze OO code and generate a complete test suite without human intervention. All you need to do is tell it where the code is located and where you want the test suite to be generated.

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